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Automotive Tinting
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Automotive Tinting

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Tint Master’s automotive window tinting adds visual appeal to your vehicle, prevents glare, helps preserve your car's interior, and keeps your automobile cool and comfortable. We tint a variety of makes and models, including limousines, large trucks and specialty vehicles. Our window film allows GPS, cell phone and radio signals to freely pass through; nothing will be blocked … other than 99 percent of UV rays!
We use a state-of-the-art, computerized, precision cutting system to cut our film. This ensures each tint piece is accurately cut in the exact shape of your window – every crack of light is sealed, and every corner is perfectly rounded. This also ensures that razor blades aren’t used on your car!
We carry a variety of films that will complement the unique style of any car.  All of our brands come with a lifetime limited warranty that covers any large imperfections, peeling, cracking, discoloring or delaminating.
We are also equipped for special-request vinyl, films, graphics, etc.

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